About Us

DIYBio Toronto is a non-profit corporation, inspired by the eponymous international organization, DIYBio.org. We incorporated in January 2016.


DIYBio runs a small laboratory in downtown Toronto. We share a 2700 square foot space with Hacklab Toronto that includes a machine shop, classroom, darkroom, kitchen, recreational facilities, and an outdoor yard. Our lab has a six foot fume hood, three workbenches, a sink area, and ample storage space. We also operate a large vacuum chamber in the adjacent unit for sputter deposition research. The space is managed by our laboratory manager.


Board of Directors: Jasmine, Eric, Carla, Rana
Lab manager: Victor
Safety officer: Misha
Facilities manager (Hacklab): Aaron


Membership with Hacklab Toronto is the only requirement to join DIYBio Toronto and begin training. It costs $50 per month and includes access to the entire facility; the tools, the machinery, and space to host events for a community of about 100 people, along with a list of other benefits. Additionally, there is a $20 monthly fee for using the lab to cover operating costs.


We have limited space but we are happy to accept donations of lab related consumables and we have an equipment wish list. Contact us if you have something to donate or sell at a friendly price.


Please see our Projects page.

Volunteer or work

Please see our Volunteer or Work page.